Providing transportation services to residents of Vermilion County in East Central Illinois.

County-wide CRIS Bus Design Contest
for Vermilion County High School Graphic Artists

CRIS Rural Mass Transit District invites all High School art students in Vermilion County to enter a contest to redesign the CRIS bus graphics. CRIS RMTD is looking for a professional, distinctive design that will become instantly recognizable and stand out.

Prize – The winning designer will be awarded a $300 gift card for the purchase of a computer tablet.

The redesign must include:

  • CRIS RMTD logos on all 4 sides of the bus
  • All safety lettering that is already on the bus must remain
  • Plus two additional safety signs on the back of the bus
    • THIS VEHICLE STOPS AT ALL RAILROAD CROSSINGS (white lettering in a red box)
    • FREQUENT STOPS (black lettering in a yellow box)
  • CRIS phone number predominantly displayed on three sides
  • Show our website address – on the back and two sides of the bus
  • The term “General Public Transportation” displayed on all sides of the bus
  • Incorporate “Find us on Facebook” and Facebook logo on the back and two sides of the bus
  • A location on all sides of the bus to display the bus number

In creating the new design, keep these design issues in mind:

  • CRIS would prefer a design that can be applied with vinyl graphics, not painted.
  • You are not limited to the current color scheme currently used on the buses.

High resolution images of of each of the photos below can be downloaded from the CRIS RMTD web site.

Current Bus Design New Bus
To download images, right click on image - Click "Save Picture as..." and save the image on your computer

Each bus is a Starcraft Ford 15 passenger bus. The dimensions are as follows:
Length – 23 ft. – 7 in.     |     Height – 9 ft. – 9 in.     |     Width – 8 ft. – 0 in.

Contest Judging – A committee consisting of CRIS RMTD Staff, a representative from a local sign company, and an artist from the Danville Art League will judge all entries.

Submission Format – Entries should be submitted via e-mail to
A depiction of all four sides of the bus should be submitted at a size of 8.5” x 11” of each side in PDF format. Place “CRIS Bus Redesign” in the subject line. Include your last name as part of the file name (e.g., Jones_Mydesign1.pdf). You can also mail in ar deliver submissions to CRIS Rural Mass Transit District at the address listed below.

Students can enter multiple designs.

Deadline –  4:00 p.m. on November 20, 2017
The winner will need to be able to provide their design files to CRIS Rural Mass Transit District. A professional graphic artist will then prepare the winner’s files for the sign company. Files containing vector graphics would be the preferred final format.

Questions –Contact:
Les Woodrum, Communications Coordinator
CRIS Rural Mass Transit District
615 E. Voorhees St.
Danville, IL 61832
Phone – 217-443-2287
e-mail –

For a PDF version of the rules and specifications, click here.

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