Providing transportation services to residents of Vermilion County in East Central Illinois.

Request for Proposals - CRIS Rural Mass Transit District's Administrative and Operations Feasibility Study

Download the RFP here.

Questions Regarding the RFP:

  1. By which date are proposals due?

    Upon the first distribution of the RFP, it was brought to our attention that there was an inconsistency in the schedule listed in the RFP, so the dates in question have been corrected and the updated version of the RFP is currently available at the link above.

    Adjustment(s) made:

    - The Schedule of Events on page 3 (Section 4) states that proposals are due by 2:00PM CST on February 25, 2020. This date is correct and has not been changed.

    - The Proposal Format on page 4 (Section 7.3) stated in section 7.3.1 that hard copy proposals are due February 18, 2020 and in section 7.3.2 that electronic copies must be emailed by February 18, 2020. These dates are incorrect and have been changed to reflect the following.

    - Hard copy and electronic copy proposals must be received by 2:00PM CST, February 25, 2020 as described in the updated RFP.

  2. Can our agency arrange a site visit to the existing facility?
    No site visits to the existing facility will be arranged at this time.

  3. Who will be on the selection committee?
    The selection committee will be made up of select board members, the CEO, Associate Administrator, and one or more staff members.

  4. Will there be any public hearings before the selection?
    There will be no public hearings at this time.

  5. Will the real estate parcel identification will be done by CRIS Rural Mass Transit District or other local agencies, or is the consultant is to identify commercially available parcels?
    The identification of property parcels will be identified through process.

  6. Will grant application support be required?
    No grant application support is required.

  7. Please identify the number of hard copy deliverables required, if any.
    CRIS RMTD must receive proposals, consisting of one unbound original and one bound copy as directed in the RFP, Section 7. An electronic copy must also be emailed to Amy Brown at, as directed in the RFP, Section 7.3.2.
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